Sunday, October 24, 2010


I got a new watch the other day.
It's a cardinal, its got a bunch of dials on it.
I think it's pretty but I really like just having a watch.

To anyone who doesnt own a watch, you can get a cheap timex one for about 10 bucks.
Or you can be a fancypants and buy a nice big metal one with a dial display and all the bells and whistles of a bonofied chronograph.

What kind of watches do YOU like? I wanna hear about it. Cmon.. im lonely..


  1. I don't wear a watch, but the new Tron ones are pretty cool.

  2. I dunno, the simple kinds. Cheap and Easy

  3. I don't normally like watches. But mine is actually from walmart and looks really nice. Its dark grey and very minimal and shiny and i love it.